Terms of sale

1. General provisions

These general conditions are valid exclusively between the company IMODA SRL with registered office in Prato, (PO) Via Bruges 50/52, 59100 Prato hereinafter called “IMODA SRL and/or “Vendor” and any person who purchases online on our website WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM, hereinafter called “CLIENT”.

CLIENT means any individual who can qualify as “consumer” to be understood as any person who is acting on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM with purposes outside of his trade, business or professional activity eventually carried out.
If who wants to proceed with the purchase is not a “consumer” is invited to refrain from concluding commercial transactions on

These conditions may be subject to changes and the date of their publication on the site is equivalent to the date of entry into force.
These conditions govern purchases made on the
WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM website, in conformity with the provisions of Part III, Title III, Chapter I of Consumer Code, Legislative Decree n. 206/2005, modified by Legislative Decree n. 21/2014 and Legislative Decree n. 70/2003 on e-commerce trade.

The CLIENT can request for any information through the Customer Service where he will find all the information on purchases and shippings, refunds and returning products purchased on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM. For any other legal details, the CLIENT can visit the following sections: General Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, Return Policy

The Client is informed that IMODA SRL reserves the right not to accept order proposals received from users who are not "Consumers", or, in any case, orders proposals that are not consistent with its commercial policy, such as, for example, order proposals for which there is a report, or suspicion, of fraudulent or illegal activities. In these cases, IMODA SRL will communicate to the user the non-acceptance of the order proposal.

The CLIENT is informed that IMODA SRL monitors all the order proposals and returns which must, moreover, match with normal consumer needs. IMODA SRL monitors the number of the order proposals and returns.

These General Conditions of Sale do not apply to the provision of services or the sale of products by third parties that differ from IMODA SRL and are present on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM via links, banners or other hypertext connections. Before sending orders and purchasing products and services from third parties that differ from IMODA SRL, the CLIENT is recommended to verify their terms and conditions because IMODA SRL is not responsible for the supply of third parties services which are different from the Vendor or for the execution of e-commerce transactions between users of IMODA SRL and third parties.

2. Information direct to the conclusion of the contract with IMODA SRL pursuant to the legislative decree 9 April 2003, n. 70.

In order to conclude the purchase contract of one or more products on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM, the CLIENT will send an order proposal electronically to IMODA SRL filling out the form available on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM following the relevant instructions.

Before sending the order proposal, we remind the CLIENT to read the General Terms of Sale and the Return Policy carefully, to print a copy using the print option or keep one copy safe for his own personal use.

In accordance with article 51, paragraph 7, of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, n. 206 (the "Consumer Code"), before transmitting the order proposal, the CLIENT will be provided with a summary of the commercial and contractual conditions which will be applied to the order proposal, and a summary of the information concerning the essential characteristics of each item purchased with its relative price (including all applicable fees and taxes), the payment methods that he can use to purchase each product, the delivery methods of the products purchased, the shipping and delivery costs as well as the references, the geographical address, the contact methods of IMODA SRL and the date by which IMODA SRL once the order proposal has been accepted, undertakes to deliver the goods.

Furthermore, IMODA SRL will provide a summary of the conditions and methods for the functioning of the right of withdrawal. If applicable, in case of withdrawal, the CLIENT will concern the cost of returning the products, if the courier indicated by IMODA SRL is not chosen. In any case, the existence of the legal guarantee of conformity of the products will be reminded and the contact references of our after-sales service and the possibility of using the platform for the alternative extra-judicial resolution of disputes, accessible on the website, made available by the European Commission will be provided.

The transmission of the order proposal to IMODA SRL constitutes a binding purchase proposal for the user. Therefore, before submitting the order proposal the CLIENT will be asked to identify and correct any possible input errors.

The contract is concluded when the order proposal is accepted by the Vendor. The Vendor will send an e-mail to confirm acceptance of the order proposal.

The order proposal sent to IMODA SRL will be filed in our database for the time required to process the accepted order proposals and as stated by law. The CLIENT may access, if he has created his own account on the website WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM, to the order proposal form in “My Order” section.

The language available to conclude the contract with IMODA SRL is Italian.

The Vendor may not accept the purchase order proposals which do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency, which are incomplete or incorrect or in case of unavailability of the products. In these cases, the Vendor will inform by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that he has not accepted the purchase order proposal received by the CLIENT specifying the reasons. If the products, presented on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM, are no longer available or on sale upon receipt or during the fulfillment of the purchase order proposal, the Vendor will take care of communicating promptly, and in any case within thirty (30) days from the day following the moment on which the CLIENT will have sent the order proposal to IMODA SRL, the possible unavailability of the products. If the CLIENT has already paid the price for the products, IMODA SRL will refund, without undue delay, what he has already anticipated and the sales contract will be considered terminated.

As indicated in the former point one (1) above, IMODA SRL reserves the right not to accept proposals for orders that come from subjects other than the "Consumer", or in any case proposals for orders that are not consistent with its commercial policy such as, for example, order proposals for which there is a report, or suspicion, of fraudulent or illegal activities. In such cases, IMODA SRL will notify the user of the non-acceptance of the order proposal.
The CLIENT is reminded that, by submitting an order proposal form, he unconditionally accepts and undertakes to observe, in the contract with the Vendor, these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Should the CLIENT disagrees with certain provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please do not submit the order proposal form for the purchase of products on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM.
Please note that purchase requests from countries not included among those shown in the following link - shipping - cannot be accepted by the Vendor.
By submitting an order proposal form, the CLIENT confirms and accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as further General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and the Return Policy.

3. Object of the contract

With these general conditions of sale, the Vendor sells and the CLIENT remotely purchases the tangible movable goods indicated and offered for sale on the site. The contract is concluded exclusively through the Internet, by accessing the CLIENT at WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM and the creation of a purchase order according to the procedure provided by the website.
Before proceeding to confirm his order, the CLIENT undertakes to read these general sale conditions, in particular the pre-contractual information provided by the Vendor to accept them by affixing a flag in the indicated box.
In the order confirmation e-mail, the CLIENT will also receive the link to download and archive a copy of these general sales conditions, as provided for by art. 51 paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, amended by Legislative Decree 21/2014, as well as a copy of Privacy Policy and the withdrawal form.

4. Pre-contractual information for the consumer - art. 49 of Legislative Decree 206/2005

Before concluding the purchase contract, the CLIENT examines the characteristics of the goods that are illustrated in the individual files product at the moment of his choice.
Before concluding the purchase contract and validating the order with "payment obligation", the CLIENT is informed about:
- main characteristics of the products;
- total price of the products including the cost of shipping and any additional fee;
- terms of payment;
- period within which IMODA SRL undertakes to deliver the goods;
- conditions, terms and procedures for exercising the right of withdrawal (art. 11 of these conditions) as well as the withdrawal form referred to in Annex I, part B of Legislative Decree 21/2014 and the cases excluding the right to exercise the right of withdrawal;
- information that the CLIENT must support the cost of return of the goods in case of withdrawal;
- existence of the legal guarantee of conformity for the goods purchased;
- conditions of after-sales assistance and commercial guarantees provided by IMODA SRL;
- the possibility, for the resolution of disputes concerning the conclusion and execution of the sales contract, to optionally resort to mediation procedures pursuant to Legislative Decree 28/2010 or to access to the following site:
Before the conclusion of the contract, the CLIENT may at any time and in any case take note about information related to IMODA SRL geographical address, telephone and fax number, e-mail address, information that is reported even below:

IMODA S.R.L., registered office in Prato (PO) Via Bruges 50/52, 59100 Prato

5. Conclusion and effectiveness of the contract

The sales contract is considered concluded with the sending by IMODA SRL to the CLIENT of an order confirmation e-mail. The e-mail contains the CLIENT's data and the order number, the price of the purchased products, the shipping costs, the delivery address to which the goods will be sent and the link to print and archive the copy of these conditions.
The contract is concluded in Italian.
The e-mail of the order confirmation will be sent within forty-eight (48) hours from the transmission of the order. If the Client does not receive any confirmation of the order within the aforementioned term, the relative order must be considered refused by IMODA SRL and, therefore, without effects.
Orders in relation to which the client has opted for advance payment will be sent as soon as IMODA SRL receives the total payment of the purchase price and any shipping costs.
The CLIENT undertakes to verify that the personal data are correct and promptly notify IMODA SRL any corrections to be made.

IMODA SRL undertakes to describe and present the items sold on the website in the best possible way. Nevertheless, there could be some mistakes, inaccuracies or small differences between the product shown on the website and the actual product. Furthermore, the photographs of the products presented on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM don’t constitute a contractual element, because they are only representative.
IMODA SRL undertakes to deliver the goods within thirty (30) days that start from sending by IMODA SRL the order confirmation e-mail to the CLIENT.
The buyer gives his prior consent to the transfer to third parties of the credits for the payment of the purchase price.

6. Guarantee of products

On WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM only clothing and accessories are offered for sale, marked by the ISABELLE BLANCHE trademark.
The catalogue of Products can be periodically updated by the Vendor who, therefore, does not provide any guarantee regarding the permanence of an item among those available on-line; in no case the Vendor guarantees the availability of all sizes/versions for each garment/color existing in the catalogue.
The main characteristics of the products are shown on the site in each product page. The images and colors of the products displayed on sale may not correspond to the true garments due to the Internet browser or monitor used.
All products come with an identification tag attached with a disposable seal.
The availability of products refers to effective availability at the time when the CLIENT is purchasing. This availability must however be considered only indicative because, due to the simultaneous presence on the site of several users, the products could be sold to other CLIENTS before the order confirmation.
Even after sending the e-mail for the order confirmation by IMODA SRL, there may be cases of partial or total unavailability of the goods. In this case, there will be no obligation for IMODA SRL to deliver the goods ordered but not available.
The Vendor does not assume responsibility for having to research and find products that are not available from other sources. This provision also applies to orders relating to fungible goods (for which only the type and characteristics of the products are described). IMODA SRL is only obliged to deliver what is available in the warehouse and what has been ordered from his suppliers.
IMODA SRL undertakes to promptly communicate the partial or total unavailability of the goods referred to in the CLIENT order.
In case of total unavailability of the items purchased, IMODA SRL will reimburse any amount already paid by the CLIENT within fourteen (14) days from the communication to the client of the total unavailability.
In case of partial unavailability, the order will be automatically adjusted with the elimination of the unavailable product and the CLIENT will be immediately informed by e-mail. In this case, IMODA SRL will refund any amount eventually already paid by the CLIENT for the unavailable goods within fourteen (14) days from the communication to the customer of the partial unavailability.
In case of partial unavailability, if the CLIENT intends to request the cancellation of the overall order, resolving the contract, he must communicate it no later than the deadline of forty eight (48) hours from sending the email with which he was informed of the partial unavailability. Beyond this term, the residual order is considered confirmed.
The Vendor will refund the amount paid within fourteen (14) days from the day on which he became aware of the decision of the Client to terminate the contract.

7. Pre-order products

In some cases, the Vendor may offer the possibility of purchasing a preview of one or more items not yet available for immediate purchase on the website. The products that can be purchased in pre-order will be marked with a special label on the product sheet. The Vendor will indicate the estimated shipping date for each item and in any case he will send an e-mail confirmation when the package will be shipped. In the event that the purchase order contains both items already available and items in pre-order, the products will be shipped in two different moments, but the shipping costs will be charged only once. In case of a purchase order that only contains pre-order items but with different shipping dates, the products will be shipped all together on the last estimated date for shipment.
The purchase of pre-order products can only be made by credit card. The Vendor will not request any payment to the bank until the ordered items have been dispatched: the charge to the credit card of the client will in fact take place only at the time of shipment.
Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph nine, these General Conditions of Sale apply in full to products purchased in pre-order.

8. Payment terms

Each payment carried out by the CLIENT can be made only by credit cards indicated on the website or PayPal.
In case of payment by credit card, the actual amount will be charged only when the order is complete and ready for shipment.
In case of payment by credit card, all financial information (for example, credit/debit card number or expiration date) will be sent, via an encrypted protocol, to the Vendor’s support bank, which provides remote electronic payment services to the Vendor, without third parties having any access whatsoever thereto. Moreover, these information will not be used by the Vendor except for carrying out procedures relevant to the purchase and for issuing refunds in case of returns, subsequent to the exercise of the user’s right to return. The security of payment by Credit Card is guaranteed by VBV (Verified by VISA) and SCM (Security Code Mastercard) certification.

In case of payment by PayPal, the actual charge will take place when IMODA S.R.L. will send the order confirmation e-mail.
The CLIENT is informed that the payments, in the aforementioned methods, will be made through the PayPal service and Shopify Payments. Therefore we kindly ask the client to read the conditions at the following links (INDICARE LINK SHOPIFY).

9. Prices, expenses and delivery terms

All sale prices of the products displayed on the website WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM are expressed in Euros and include VAT.

Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price, but they are indicated and calculated at the time of the conclusion of the purchase process before the payment is made.
The CLIENT accepts the right of the Vendor to change his prices at any time, however the goods will be invoiced on the basis of the prices indicated on the website at the time of the creation of the order and confirmed in the e-mail sent by the Vendor to the CLIENT.
Therefore, it is the responsibility of the CLIENT to make sure of the final price before sending the order purchase form.
The Vendor also reserves the right to apply different sales prices depending on the country of delivery of the Products.
In case of computer, manual, technical, or any other error that could result in a substantial change, not foreseen by IMODA SRL, of the sale price to the public, which makes it exorbitant or clearly negligible, the purchase order will be considered invalid and cancelled and the amount paid by the CLIENT will be refunded within fourteen (14) days from the day of cancellation.
Shipping costs are not included in the purchase price but indicated and calculated at the time of the conclusion of the purchase process before the payment is made.
When ordering, it will be possible to choose the preferred delivery method: home delivery with UPS courier UPS Standard services with shipping times of two (2) - five (5) working days or UPS Express Saver with shipping times of one (1) - two (2) working days in Italy and Europe, with the exception of non-European countries, shipping times are five (5) - ten (10) working days.
Costs and types of shipping provided may vary according to the country and the shipping methods chosen by the User, as indicated on the product detail page and in the cart when forwarding the order. These and any additional costs are borne by the User. The relative amount will be expressly and separately indicated in the order summary before the User proceeds with the transmission of it, as well as in the order confirmation e-mail (ALLEGARE LINK TABELLA COSTI SPEDIZIONE).
These shipping costs are invoiced by the Vendor.
The purchased products are delivered, by courier service, directly to the User, to the shipping address specified during the order.
The Site allows to request delivery of the Products to an address which differs from that of the CLIENT, provided that it is included in the CLIENT shipping country indicated at the time of order completion; in any case, it is the User responsibility to indicate all the references necessary for the success of the delivery (for example, if it was the address of third parties, specify the name on the bell/intercom to which the delivery must be made).
It is not possible to collect the Products purchased through the Site directly from the Vendor's warehouse.

Upon delivery of the Products to the courier, the Client will receive a communication of confirmation from the Vendor by e-mail, in which the name of the courier used and the details of the shipment will be expressly indicated.

Both in Italy and abroad the delivery procedure provides that, in the absence of the recipient at the time of the courier's access, the appointee will leave a notice, in order to subsequently complete the shipment, in which the contact details will be indicated to contact to arrange the second delivery.
The CLIENT always has the possibility to check his order status through the tracking number provided in the shipping confirmation e-mail or by contacting the Customer Service through the appropriate section.
The delivery of the Products is considered completed when the consumer, or the third party designated by him and different from the carrier, physically enters into possession of the goods; from that moment on, as per law, the risk of loss or damage to the Products, for reasons not attributable to the Vendor, is transferred to the User.

10. Obligations of the customer on delivery

The CLIENT acknowledges that the withdrawal of the products represents an obligation arising from the sales contract concluded with the Vendor.
In case of non-delivery due to the absence of the recipient on the occasion of the attempts provided by the procedure applied by the courier, the package will remain in stock.
If, after three (3) delivery attempts within the terms indicated by the courier in the notice left to the CLIENT, the package is not collected, the package will be returned to the Vendor.
In the case referred to in the aforementioned point the contract must be considered terminated by right pursuant to art.1456 of the Civil Code, with a simple communication from the Vendor sent by e-mail to the CLIENT, and therefore, the order will be cancelled for all intents.
Within fourteen (14) days of the aforementioned communication, the Vendor will proceed, then, to the reimbursement of the total amount paid by the CLIENT for the products, less the costs of unsuccessful shipping, the costs of returning the products to the Vendor and any other expense that the Vendor incurred due to the non-delivery depended on the absence or inertia of the CLIENT in fulfilling the obligation to receive the delivery.
The refund of the products will be credited to the same payment method handled by the User.
After the communication referred to in the point above, the CLIENT who intends to request the delivery of the Products must necessarily proceed with a new order.
The Vendor reserves the right to decline orders from the CLIENT in respect of which the Vendor has previously enforced the express termination clause referred to in the point above for failure to fulfill the obligation to receive delivery of the Products.
Upon receipt of the Products, the Client is required to check the conformity of the same ones in relation to the purchase, paying attention, in particular, to that:

- the number of packages indicated on the carrier's letter corresponds to the number of packages actually delivered;
- the packaging is intact and not damaged or hacked.

Any anomalies (such as, for example, tampering, damage to the packaging) must be specifically indicated in writing directly on the courier's transport document, and the CLIENT must refuse the delivery. At the same time, the CLIENT will be required to report the fact to the Vendor's Customer Service, through the email address
Therefore, the CLIENT is invited to sign the transport document only after the aforementioned checks.
Should the CLIENT does not proceed in accordance with the points above and, therefore, accepts the delivery of the products even in case of damaged or tampered with packaging, the CLIENT will lapse from the legal guarantee of conformity of the products.


In accordance with the legal provisions in force, the CLIENT has the right to withdraw from the purchase without any penalty and without specifying the reason, within the term of fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the products.
The CLIENT who intends to exercise the right of withdrawal must communicate it to IMODA SRL through an explicit declaration, by downloading the form to the following link - return form.
The CLIENT may exercise the right of withdrawal also by sending any explicit declaration containing the decision to withdraw from the contract or alternatively by transmitting the standard withdrawal form, referred to in Annex I, part B, Legislative Decree 21/2014 (not mandatory) whose text is shown below:

Standard withdrawal form pursuant to art. 49, paragraph 1, lett. h)
(fulfill and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)
registered office Via BRUGES 50 / 52– 59100– Prato (PO)

Hereby I / we (*) notify the withdrawal from my / our (*) contract of sale of the following goods / services (*)

-Ordered on (*) / received on (*)

- Name of the consumer(s)

- Address of the consumer(s)

- Signature of the consumer(s) (only if this form is sent in paper version)

- Date

(*) Delete the unused wording.

The withdrawal declaration, in the aforementioned methods, can be sent by registered letter with return receipt, by inserting the document inside the package containing the goods subject to return, or by opening a return file using the online procedure (INSERIRE LINK PRATICA DI RESO).
In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the CLIENT is required to return the goods within fourteen (14) days from the day on which he communicated to IMODA SRL his intention to withdraw from the contract pursuant to art. 57 of Legislative Decree 206/2005.
The goods must be sent back to IMODA SRL, Via Bruges 50/52 59100 Prato (PO), Italy.
The direct costs of returning of the products are borne by the CLIENT unless the Vendor has expressly exempted from these costs at the time of purchase.
It is noted that all the products offered for sale by the Vendor are provided with an identification tag fixed with a disposable seal, which forms an integral part of the goods.
The goods must be returned intact, in its original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging), with an identification tag still attached to the products with the disposable seal which represents an integral part of the good and complete with the attached tax documentation.
In accordance with art. 59 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is excluded in the event that the CLIENT has purchased customized or personalized packaged products or sealed goods that cannot be returned for health reasons and have been opened after delivery.

If the methods and terms for exercising the right of withdrawal are not observed as specified below:
a) the right of withdrawal must be regularly exercised within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the products;
b) the returned products must be delivered to the shipper within and no later than fourteen (14) days starting from when the CLIENT communicated to IMODA SRL the decision to withdraw from the contract;
c) the products must not be damaged
d) in the hypothesis referred to in art. 59 of the Consumer Code the CLIENT will not be entitled to a refund of the amounts already paid to IMODA SRL
IMODA SRL will notify the CLIENT the non-acceptance of the return by e-mail. Within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the e-mail sent by IMODA SRL the CLIENT can choose to get back, at his expense, the products in the state in which they were returned to IMODA SRL by informing IMODA SRL according to the methods that will be communicated. Otherwise, IMODA SRL may retain the products, in addition to the amounts already paid for their purchase.
If the methods and terms for exercising the right of withdrawal are not observed as specified below:

e) the products must not have been used, worn, washed;
f) the identification tag must still be attached to the products with the disposable seal which forms an integral part of the good;
g) the products must be returned in their original packaging (if the Client wants to return a kit, he must return all the items that make it up) including all the original packaging and accessories (dustbags, hangers, clothes covers etc.) received along with the order;
h) the products must not be damaged;
The Client will not be entitled to a full refund of the amounts already paid to IMODA SRL in accordance with art. 57, paragraph 2, of the Consumer Code. In fact, the Client will be responsible for the decrease in value of the returned items, resulting from a use other than that necessary in order to allow the CLIENT to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products themselves. In this case, a percentage equal to the estimated value decrease of the products and in any case between ten (10) and ninety (90) percent of the sums paid by the CLIENT charged to IMODA SRL for the purchase of the returned products will be deducted from the expected refund, as specifically communicated, through e-mail, by IMODA SRL. Within fourteen (14) days from the sending of the e-mail with which the sum deducted from the refund will be communicated to the CLIENT, he can choose to get back, at his expense, the products in the state in which they were returned to IMODA SRL by giving notice to IMODA SRL in the methods that will be communicated to the CLIENT. Otherwise, IMODA SRL may retain the products and an amount corresponding to the percentage deducted on the refund.
IMODA SRL assumes no responsibility for products returned by mistake or forgotten items in the packages or products returned.
After verifying the correct exercise of the right of withdrawal and after checking the returned products, IMODA SRL will refund the amount of the products subject to withdrawal within a maximum period of fourteen (14) days, excluding any shipping costs.
As required by art. 56 paragraph 3 of Legislative Decree 206/2005, modified by Legislative Decree 21/2014, IMODA SRL can suspend the refund until receipt of the goods or until the CLIENT demonstrates that he has sent the goods back to IMODA SRL

For each good to which the exclusion of withdrawal is applied, the Vendor provides the CLIENT with a specific indication directly in the product sheet. However, the Vendor remains empowered to accept the request for withdrawal also for the goods excluded from this right, if at his unquestionable judgment he deems it appropriate for motivated reasons.
IMODA SRL will perform reimbursement using the same payment method chosen by the CLIENT during the purchase.
The Vendor suggests using the UPS forwarder ( to return the purchased products. If the CLIENT decides to use UPS for shipping and can use the pre-printed adhesive label - containing the return address - included in the package of the products purchased, he will not have to pay the costs in person, to return the purchased products. The payment of the costs of returning the purchased products will be made, on his behalf, directly by the Vendor, who will therefore release the CLIENT from any payment obligation towards the shipper. For the payment of the refund, the Vendor will in fact retain a lump sum payment from the refund equal to the standard shipping cost of the products purchased. Furthermore, from the moment of the return of the purchased products to the forwarder suggested by the Vendor, the Vendor exonerates the Client from any responsibility in case of loss or damage of the products during transport.
The vendor reserves the right not to accept returns sent by couriers others than those indicated in the e-mail with the return instructions if the delivery involves additional costs for the Vendor or requests the collection at a branch of the courier itself.
Returns authorized by the Vendor must be shipped from the same country in which the original order was delivered.

12. Legal guarantee of conformity

The products purchased on WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM, sold by IMODA SRL are covered by the legal guarantee of twenty four (24) months for defects of conformity, in accordance with applicable law.
The lack of conformity of the product must be communicated to IMODA SRL within two (2) months from its discovery.
The lack of conformity can be communicated to IMODA SRL by contacting the following e-mail
In case that the aforementioned remedies are not possible or are excessively expensive, the Client will be entitled to a reduction in the price paid or to the termination of the sale contract, according to art. 130 of the Consumer Code.
In case of lack of conformity, the Vendor will arrange, at his own expense, to organize the collection of the product, compatibly with the availability of the CLIENT.
The CLIENT is reminded that it is necessary to sign the transport document only after checking the integrity and absence of anomalies on the package, and if he does not carry out the checks referred to in the point above, he accepts the delivery of the Products even in the case of damaged or tampered with packaging, the CLIENT will lapse from the legal guarantee of conformity of the products.

13. Delivery terms

IMODA SRL will only accept orders to be delivered in the countries indicated in the following link - shipping - , in countries belonging to the European Union. The products will be delivered by express courier to the address indicated by the CLIENT when ordering no later than thirty (30) days from the date of receipt by the CLIENT of the order confirmation e-mail sent by IMODA SRL
For each order placed on the WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM website, it issues a tax document for the goods shipped, which will be attached to the order confirmation e-mail. After issuing the invoice, it will not be possible to make any changes to the data indicated in it.

14. Liability

The Vendor doesn’t take any responsibility for disruptions caused by force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, even if dependent on malfunctions and disruptions of the internet network, in the case of it is unable to execute the order on time planned in the contract.

15. Access to the website

The CLIENT has the right to access the site for consultation and for making purchases. It is not allowed any other use, in particular commercial, of the website or its content. The integrity of the elements of this website, that are sound or visual, and the relative technology used, are property of IMODA SRL and protected by intellectual property rights.

16. Cookies

The website WWW.ISABELLEBLANCHE.COM uses "cookies". Cookies are electronic files that record information about the CLIENT navigation on the site (screens consulted, date and time of consultation, etc.) and allow IMODA SRL to offer a personal service to its clients.
IMODA SRL shall inform the CLIENT of the possibility of disable the creation of these files accessing his Internet configuration menu. It is understood that this will prevent the Client to proceed with the online purchase.

17. Integrity

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall consist of all the clauses that compose them. If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale are considered or declared invalid under the law, the regulation or following a decision by a court having jurisdiction, the other provisions will continue to have full force and effect.

18. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are subject to Italian law and in particular by the Consumer Code and by the Legislative Decree 9 April 2003, n. 70 ("Implementation of Directive 2000/31/EC relating to certain legal aspects of information society services in the internal market, with particular reference to electronic commerce").
Any dispute that doesn’t find a friendly settlement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of the CLIENT's place of residence or domicile or, alternatively, on the choice of the Consumer, the Court of Prato.
In any case, it is possible to optionally resort to the mediation procedures referred to in Legislative Decree 28/2010. For the resolution of any disputes arising in the interpretation and execution of these conditions of sale it is also possible access the following site: